OH:RepRap Festival 3DP大拜拜

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2016/08/20(Sat) 10:00(+0800) ~ 17:00(+0800)

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中央研究院學術活動中心平面演講廳 (25.041158, 121.612934)

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  • 一般票

    (~ 2016/08/20 17:00(+0800))
    Free End of Sale

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OCF(開放文化基金會) COSCUP(開源人年會)

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擁有本展期Coscup入場資格者,亦可直接進入本活動場所來參與本活動, 但是如果只有本活動入場資格者,不等價於擁有Coscup的入場資格, 此點請注意!

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申請入場者,之後將會以E-Mail的方式寄本活動的"特殊道具"給入場者, 作為參加的紀念品!

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請進入我們的粉專關注最新動態! https://goo.gl/s3c7RI

活動緣起 Events Origin                          

國外「Reprap Festival」開源3D印表機愛好者的聚會引起 Openlab.Taipei 社群的迴響,讓我們想起了很久以前臺灣第一場 reprap 社群聚會,就由 Openlab.Taipei 發起。

Foreign "Reprap Festival" ,which is open source 3D printer enthusiasts gathering caused Openlab.Taipei community response, reminds us about Taiwan's first field reprap community gatherings a long time ago, initiated by the Openlab.Taipei.

reprap 開源3D印表機不只是硬體、工具,更是社群,尤其旺盛的生命力,一點一滴在成長著,相信每個愛好者都有遇到奇怪的問題、發展出獨門絕招,每個人跟自己的機器搏鬥,都有寶貴的經驗。
所以,我們希望能讓來自各方的愛好者們聚集在一起,交流彼此的 3D 列印經驗,共同學習進而找出新的可能性。

Today, 3D printer players are more and more, somebody is based learning, or research is in order.
reprap open source 3D printer is not just hardware, tools, and more is a community, especially the exuberant vitality, bit by bit in the growth, we believe that every player has encountered any strange problem, and develop ourselves unique offerings trick, every personal struggle with their machines, there is valuable experience.
So, we hope that fans from all sides together, exchange their experiences of 3D printing, learn together and then find new possibilities.

基於這個理由,Openlab.Taipei 與 OCF(開放文化基金會)合作,在 COSCUP 活動期間於中研院舉辦本活動。

For this reason, Openlab.Taipei and OCF (Open Cultural Foundation) co-organize this event during COSCUP activities in Academia Sinica.


本活動主要內容  Main Content

  • 技術講演 Technical Seminars
    開場暨列印機挫折經驗分享    Beginning and depressed 3D printer experience sharing 
    3DP於實務界之應用    The application of 3D printer in the practice
    3D列印件後處理    The subsequent processing of 3D printing object 
    3DP machine design review 
    開源切片軟體使用心得  Open source slicing software review
    如何初步自己動手修機器    How to begin to fix 3DP machine yourself


  • 實機展示交流 Machine Show & Communicate
  • 列印件展示交流 Printing Object Show
  • 機器義診 Mechanical Clinic
    In the field will be ready to have "doctor"  of the considerable experience to use their past experience helping diagnose a wide range of participants incurable diseases.
  • 3D列印媽媽展 3D Printing NG Art
    Participants will be able to take advantage of a variety of instruments and a variety of 3D printing NG objects to make art, the exhibition is also open to creation, for filling everyone's creating soul.


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